The Starlight Strings - "Ceremony Music Guide"


Hear and Select your Ceremony Music  (keyboard accompaniments option used here)

TITLE                                                                                                                   SUGGESTED USE *
Somewhere in Time  (John Barry)                                                     A, B, D

Air on the G String  (Bach)                                                                  A, B, C, D
Minuetto  (Bocherrini)                                                                         A, B, D
Air, from the Water Music  (Handel)                                                 A, D
Minuett  (Bach)                                                                                      A, B
Rondeau  (Moret)                                                                                  A, B, C, F
Canon in D  (Pachelbel)                                                                        C
Ode to Joy  (Beethoven)                                                                       B, C
Te Deum  (Charpentier)                                                                       B, C, F
Bridal Chorus  (Wagner)                                                                      C
Trumpet Voluntary  (Clarke)                                                               C
Sheep May Safely Graze  (Bach)                                                         A, D
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring  (Bach)                                                   C, D
Winter, from the 4 Seasons  (Vivaldi)                                                A, D
My Heart Ever Faithful  (Bach)                                                           A, D
Wedding March  (Mendelssohn)                                                         E
The Rejoicing  (Handel)                                                                        E, F
A Little Night Music  (Mozart)                                                            E, F
Hornpipe  (Handel)                                                                               E, F
One Hand, One Heart  (Bernstein)                                                     A, D
All I Ask of You  (Weber)                                                                       A, D

The Starlight Strings


                                  6 music categories of a typical wedding ceremony:

A                    PRELUDE                                       Guests are seated
B                    SPECIAL SEATINGS                     Grandparents and/or Parents are seated
C                    PROCESSIONAL (1)                      Bridesmaids, Ringbearer, and/or Flower Girls Enter
                       PROCESSIONAL (2)                     Bridal Entrance

D                  CEREMONY                             Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony,Communion, and/or Interlude
E                  RECESSIONAL                         Exit of Bride/Groom, and Bridal Party
F                   POSTLUDE                               Exiting of Guests

Prelude [A] - Choose as many selections as you want, or if No Preference (NP) leave it to me.
Special Seatings [B] - Choose one selection.
Processional [C] - (1) Choose one selection. (2) Choose one selection.
Ceremony [D] - Choose one selection.
Recessional [E] - Choose one selection.
Postlude [F] - Choose one or two selections, or if No Preference (NP) leave it to me.                         

* These are only suggested uses of the selections, you may place the selections within your ceremony wherever you choose - This is YOUR wedding, and you should have it just the way you want it.

Your wedding consultant can help you with your choices, or you may wish for me to assist you in the selection process.

When you are happy with your choice of selections, call (480) 699-8933 and I will take the needed information verbally over the phone.  In 10 minutes, the music portion of your ceremony will be completed.  Or you may prefer to fill out and submit the "Ceremony Selections Form" located in the drop down menu above.